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"Doing life" with our families

We value the relationships we have with our neighbors and are honored to share life with the families of the students who spend time at Our House. As we walk alongside one another, we provide support for the entire family through mom events, breakfast club, and holiday celebrations. 

Mom Support

We seek to demonstrate our genuine care and concern for the moms of our students in practical ways, such as providing transportation to a doctor's appointment, printing copies of documents needed for school or navigating financial strains.  We host dinners for our moms on a regular basis, and especially enjoy having brunch together several times a year. On some occasions we invite a guest speaker to share their knowledge and experience on topics chosen by the moms or that may be relevant to raising children in our current culture.

Breakfast Club 

The whole family is invited to Breakfast Club on the first Saturday of each month.  While the breakfast buffet is the highlight of this neighborhood gathering, everyone also hears a gospel message and simply enjoys being together.  Oftentimes, volunteers join us at the Breakfast Club to build relationships with our neighbors and assist with special projects.


Because we are like family, holidays at Our House are filled with love, laughter and plenty of good food.  We celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas with big family gatherings at Our House and even celebrate our ministry’s birthday each year in April.  We also enjoy celebrating the birthdays of our students, as well as their accomplishments in and outside the classroom, including graduation from high school. 

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