Holidays at Our House



We love celebrating birthdays at Our House!  Each student receives a small birthday gift on their special day, and we have a monthly birthday celebration for all Our House kids, staff and volunteers born during that month. As you would expect, we enjoy cake, cupcakes or cookie-cake and show our love for each birthday girl or boy.  Each year in April, we invite Our Kids, their families, and our neighbors to join us in celebrating the anniversary of the start of Our House. This typically resembles a traditional birthday party and cookout or a large family reunion.


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day (or week) at Our House involves getting our kids ready for their Valentine's Day parties at school. We give each of them enough Valentines for their class, candy to put with each of the cards, and our elementary kids decorate Valentine's Day boxes. A Valentine's Day week is not complete without a special treat or cookie. We value knowing that our kids feel LOVED by us and by their Heavenly Father. 



For Easter, we do a sunset service and an Easter egg hunt with all of our kids and their families. We want them to understand the resurrecting power of our Savior. We love getting to worship and celebrate with each of our families. When we were not able to host a big Easter Service because of COVID-19, we gave each of our families a bag of Easter eggs, Easter crafts, and some sweet treats to celebrate.  


Mother's Day

Our moms do and sacrifice so much for their kids. We love a chance to celebrate and recognize them at a Mother's Day luncheon.  Each mother or grandmother receives a  flower arrangement, lunch, and a chance to fellowship with the ladies in the neighborhood. 



If there is one thing that all of our kids love, it's dressing up for Halloween. Each one of our kids is able to pick out a new or gently used Halloween costume to wear trick-or-treating. In years past we have hosted a halloween party with our kids, their moms, and their younger siblings. At these parties we have halloween snacks, crafts, and we all dress up. 



Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on how thankful we are for this ministry and all of the families that are a part of it. A normal Thanksgiving at Our House, involves a traditional meal for all of our families on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Each family also receives a turkey and bag full of "Thanksgiving sides" to take home and enjoy with their own families.



Christmas at Our House is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!  We love for our families to gather to share a traditional, family meal, sing Christmas carols and open presents!  Each of Our Kids receives a unique gift, a stocking, an Our House sweatshirt and a box of homemade goodies from Santa’s Sweet Shop.